My name is Jamie Gault, and I make video games

I have been making games for many years professionally and in my free time.  Games have been an important part of my life.  This site shows off many of the previous titles I've worked on as well as upcoming projects.  Hope you enjoy it!

Here are some of my projects:


Vagor is a single and multiplayer 3D platformer space exploration game. Explore huge worlds with friends, break gravity, and make the future.

Demo Site

MAZ Maker

A creation experience for building and playing without boundaries. Developed for my kids to learn about creating art in the modern age, it's expanded to support procedural generated structures, building playable game worlds, writing dialogue, and augmented reality expressions. To help with iteration, I produce one piece with it every day and share it across Youtube, Instagram, and Tik Tok.


Wol is a proof of concept created at Niantic in conjunction with Liquid City and InWorld AI to showcase 8th Walls support for roomscale mixed reality. My contributions were to add life to the world through fireflies, wind, and being able to pet and interact with Wol through input devices. Did a lot of work on graphics solutions as well as fixing a lot of ship blocking bugs. This was all built on WebAR and threejs, so most of the systems like particles and input-based animation had to be created from scratch.

Try it now on mobile browser or the Meta Quest browser

Beyond the Horizon

Beyond the Horizon is a 3D platformer space exploration game and creation sandbox. You play as Deuk, a young space nomad, who wields gravity powers and travels from planet to planet to discover secrets, using his powers to solve puzzles and explore.

Demo Site

All art is made using the in-game voxel tool.

Pokémon Go

Supporting everything from Design to Prototyping to Art. One of my biggest contributions was the interface design for PvP battles by stream-lining it and crafting a variety of minigame interactions for using moves.


Meldel is a voxel editor I made with mobile support. Great for making fast 3D art.


A little demo I made for teaching 7th graders about how games relate to math equations.

Demo Site

VR Prototyping

Exploration work into understanding how to develop VR experiences. Programmed in C++, this prototype makes use of Oculus Rift DK2 for display and a Leap Motion hand tracking.

Video Demo

I AM EAGLE 64 (working title)

Exploration and Adventure on the wings of an eagle.  Developed using Unity3D. Created, designed and programmed the game. Final product not yet released.

Demo Site

Zombie Chess (working title)

Digital Board Game.  Developed using Unity3D. A prototype of a table-top zombie survival game

Download Demo

GDC 2014: Amazon AppStream Tech Demo

Grant the power of cloud computing to tablet devices.  Gameplay, Animation, and AI developer.


Beyond the Horizon (Web Series)

Monthly series of 15 minute adventures in space.  Developed using HTML5 and javascript. Brought together a three-person team to work on it. Created, designed and programmed the game. Released as part of One Game a Month.

Game Site


Windows 8 and HTML5 title.  Created, designed and programmed the game.

Game Site and Preview

Microsoft Flight

Free-to-play PC title released February 29, 2012.  I started as the UI Programmer for the Flight team in 2009.  After integrating Scaleform (Flash emulator for C++) SDK into the project, I added a wide range of support for front end UI, game play, multiplayer and more.  I did work for video production, marketing material creation, general bug fixing, and recruitment/management.  See my resume for more details.

DLC TrailerCamera Demo, Volcano Feature


Windows 8 prototype as a part of a two (2) week game jam.  Working with a team of four (two programmers, one artist, one tester), we were able to put together a musical pet that transformed based on whatever music you played.  Came up with the concept and worked with the team to flesh out the idea.  I worked on graphics, animations, input, gameplay, and art tools.

Uno Rush

Real-time card game for Xbox Live Arcade.  I joined the product in the middle of development, working on different aspects of the UI, gameplay, optimization, sound, localization, and bug fixing.

Beyond the Horizon Proto (Code Name: Gravinauts)

My fun little side project that I've been working on through several different iterations (From 2D to 3D to Kinect and back to 2D). 

Video of Kinect demo here.

Flash prototype here.


Prototype in Flash.  A 2D-platformer based around flying like an eagle.  Mouse moves the camera and sets a target.  Clicking flaps the wings toward the target.  Holding down the mouse does a dive.

Try it out


Prototype in flash.  Sort of a combination of a 2D-platformer and an etch-a-sketch.  Hold the mouse down on one side or the other to move left and right.  Double click to draw a line.  Hold space to have unlimited line drawing.

Try it out